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Based in East Sussex, HBWeb.co.uk have over 9 years experience in web design, graphic design, print design photography + tuition.

Mathew Brown, the owner, is a qualified Teacher (BA Hons QTS) and is a lecturer in digital media, and softwares related, for over 8 years.

A brief 'about us' ...

Web - HBWeb.co.uk

HBWeb.co.uk started out as web designers in 1997. Being in web design in todays world, does not stop at just coding. Being web designers today, demands you are expert graphic designers, fantastic photographers, masters in digital video, database shopping cart gurus, content management systems boffins. The pre-requisites for a sucessfull design company are long.

Print - HBWeb.co.uk

HBWeb.co.uk do not print 'in-house', but do have a network of printers across Europe, who offer the best services based on your requirements. The flexibility of being a 'broker' allows us to service your requirements, and ultimately ensure you receive the best products and quality on an individual basis.

Graphics - HBWeb.co.uk

What are graphics? Shapes with varying colours? Identity for you? Immediate recognition for quality? Or an oversized budget for your business? For HBWeb.co.uk, graphics are a passion. Graphics underpin any business, they represent you, your business, your product your service.

Tuition - HBWeb.co.uk

Learning, education, tutoring. We never stop learning. We never will. All we can do is pass on our knowledge, in the hope that the student will surpass the teacher. We cover ALL areas of 'new age media'. Graphics, video, web design, photo manipulation ... if it's digital media, HBWeb.co.uk can pass on knowledge. Just check out HBWeb.co.uk digital video training area.

Photo - HBWeb.co.uk

Photography. A picture can say a thousand words, it can re-live memories, it can wake emotions, stir feelings, record history. HBWeb.co.uk can photograph special events, individual portfolios, restore old photos, digitally enhance photos, manipulate photos.

Contact - HBWeb.co.uk

Whatever your query, question or ponder, get in contact. We will do our best to offer you un-bias clear advice. No pressure, no sales calls, just genuine help.


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